Monday, May 2, 2011

My Birthday Boy

In honor of my sons birthday tomorrow, I thought I'd take the time to tell about this wonderful young man I managed not to fuck up yet.. I never wanted kids, to be completely honest. I was never a good babysitter and really just had no interest in kids. Then I ended up pregnant, by accident of course.. He was born May 3rd, 1998, and weighed in at a whopping 9# 7oz. The poor thing had a major cone head from the birth.. crazy big!! Thankfully I knew enough to rub that head every day to form it into a nice round dome. His father was bald already, so I knew this would be important later in life! Since that day, I've said, "I love my own child. I can't stand anyone else's." That statement still holds true to some extent. He was such a joy to raise. He was a really good baby, although he ate constantly, and his toddler years were just as perfect. Once he hit school age all my own opinions were confirmed. He constantly got complimented on his behavior and manners. His 2nd grade teacher even wrote on his report card that he was "unusually mature" for his age. I never wanted a kid, like I said, so I never spoke to him as one. I always used adult words, never used baby talk, gave him responsibility at a young age. I also told him I would always answer any question he had honestly. All he had to do was ask. You'd be amazed at the questions I've answered! Most recently was "Hey Mom? What exactly IS a douche bag?" Ha! When he was in 4th grade, he started playing ice hockey. This soon became his passion in life. In his 6th grade year his hockey team won their division championship. This year, he played ice hockey 7 days a week for 3 teams. Some days we spent 5 hours at the rink after school! He had the game winning goal for his travel team this year which won him his second travel championship in 2 years. He also had the game winning assist for the high school Freshman team for their very first championship. Did I mention he's an honor roll student too? I am so proud of everything he's accomplished already. He has a level head and has decided that it will be hockey over girls. He believes there is time for that later in life, and I couldn't agree more. He has been working toward an academic and athletic scholarship already for years. That is what he wants more than anything, so all the girls and parties will have to wait until he's ready.. Of course this could all change, but I know he'll do the right thing in the end and continue to make this Momma proud! I adore and love him more than life itself. Happy 13th Birthday to my Baby Boy!!

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